The Embryonic Lighthouse and the Catherine Wheel

Roz Madder
2 min readJul 1, 2023


Watercolor by JD Carlston

the seed of another kind of awareness

snaked through my veins

moved into my heart

welcomed Home

buzzed about like a housewife making herself comfortable

the stained glass windows lit up

from the inside

the stem cells seeped into each corner

each crevasse as it stretched and grew

brighter on the inside

rainbows flew out

their hooks got caught into you

as you saw yourself reflected

looking within with awe

looking back in time with reverence

a prismatic chandelier

blowing in the wind

a tree rooted firm on top of a cliff

a cradle in its boughs

a pillar of smoke

a pillar of fire

the cosmic egg

how beautiful we are!

a reference to the other self within

the meaning-making machines

and my heart, dear heart

it began to sing

to hum with ever-new life

an embryonic lighthouse

that pulls energy from the Catherine Wheel that now spins in our core

a true solar plexus manifesting generator

turning “I don’t have what I need"

into something new

Something free

Something empty

And full of power

into “I can Be in need”

with a living-breathing alchemy

lining the cracks

linking the stained glass

rainbow bonds with gold instead of lead

with Generations of self-others

Mitochondrial Mothers

Family and Land

Values and Experiences

Color and Light

Song and Dance

Revised and Recorded

Connectors to the multi-universal contextualizing data -≥ information -> knowledge -> wisdom -> flow

by the healing we provide one another

Catherine Wheel


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